My Workshops

TTL Seminars I give public workshops for teachers and librarians in the Northeast each fall. To view the schedule and register, please visit the TTL Seminars website.

On-Site Professional Development Seminars at Schools I also give on-site workshops for schools, school districts, and conferences. Choose from one of the following three lively, practical all-day workshops to fit your needs. The workshops can be geared to grades 6-12, 6-8, 9-12, or any range between 6-12. Please email me for more information. Read what participants say about my seminars.

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The Best New Young Adult Books for Grades 6-12
In this practical workshop, I introduce outstanding books published during the last year, with excellent new fiction and nonfiction, and useful ideas for promoting the books and integrating them into classrooms.  The workshop highlights top fiction books, including genre fiction, with strong choices for curricular use, independent reading, summer reading lists, and library collections.  I introduce first-rate nonfiction published for teens, characterized by excellent writing, research, and visuals. I also present pairings of fiction and nonfiction books across the curriculum. Participants learn about activities, websites, print resources, and display ideas for motivating teens to read these and other books. The day includes time for participants to participate in activities and share ideas.  I’ve also prepared a 100-page handout for participants that’s filled with resources, booklists, activity ideas, and more.

The Best Common Core Nonfiction Books for Grades 6-12
Nonfiction for young adults has never been so good, with excellent writing and great visual elements in books on high-interest topics.  In this all-day workshop, I highlight nonfiction that models exemplary research, writing and visual elements, tying the books to specific Common Core standards. I recommend outstanding books that work across the curriculum as well as titles with proven appeal to students—especially boys--for independent reading. I suggest activities for using books with students in the library and classroom as well as ways to promote books.  The handout includes hundreds of recommended nonfiction books beyond those discussed in the workshop, arranged by curriculum area. 

The Best Young Adult Books of the Decade
The past decade has been a Golden Age in young adult books.  This dynamic all-day workshop brings together the highest quality fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from those ten years.  I introduce the best books for teaching and independent reading, along with effective strategies and activities to use with students.  I connect YA fiction and the classics, and recommend books to draw in struggling and reluctant readers. The nonfiction in this workshop can be geared to the Common Core State Standards as can the handout.

Components of all the workshops:
Highly Recommended Books for Teens
• Top titles for independent reading
• Multifaceted books for teaching
• Titles that work across the curriculum
• Books that reflect a diverse population
• Appealing books for reluctant readers
• Excellent selections for school libraries

Practical Strategies and Activities
• Strategies to use immediately with students
• Internet activities to promote books to teens
• Effective ideas for motivating readers
• Workshop time to share ideas with colleagues
• A display of featured books

Handout of Booklists and Resources
• A wealth of books and resources to use on the job
• Booklists to share with colleagues & students
• Websites to make your work easier
• Key ways to keep up with YA books
• Great sources for activities and ideas

Who Should Attend? 
• English Teachers
• Reading Specialists
• Special Education Teachers
• Literacy Coaches
• Librarians/Media Specialists
• Library Paraprofessionals

Why Book an On-Site Workshop?
• Cost-effective training
• No limit on number of participants from your institution
• Your choice of date and location
• Skilled, experienced presenter