My Workshops

Online Workshops For two decades, I gave public workshops for teachers and librarians on the best new YA books. I am currently giving only the following workshop on diverse YA books for schools, school districts, BOCES, and other educational organizations:

The Best Diverse Young Adult Books 2015-2022 (Grades 6-12) 
In this workshop, I present excellent diverse books for grades 6-12 published since 2015. The 4-1/2 hour workshop covers fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I highlight practical resources for promoting the books and integrating them into school programs. This lively, informative presentation gives participants top titles to share with students in the curriculum and for independent reading. 

The workshop can be configured for Grades 6-12, Grades 6-8 or Grades 9-12, and can be limited to fiction titles. It can be booked for a single 4-1/2 day or across three days. The fee is $1500, which includes a 60-page handout (PDF).

The workshop is available only to schools, school districts, BOCES and other educational organizations. U
nlike last year's workshops, it's not available for educators to register individually