My Workshops

Online Workshops For two decades, I gave public workshops for teachers and librarians on the best new YA books and on diverse YA books. I loved doing it but I have now closed up shop. Here's what particpants said about the workshops:

This is my favorite all-time seminar!  I love learning about the new books and all of the wonderful websites that can be used with them.
            Deborah Piragis, English Teacher, Athol M.S., MA

This is the best “staff development” day I have had in years!  Current, motivating—awesome!
            Jennifer Two-Axe, Librarian, Ichabod Crane H.S., Valatie, NY

As always, another wonderful day listening and talking about books!  I look forward to this day each and every year.  Thank you.
            Brian Hart, English Teacher, Thurston M.S., Westwood, MA

This is consistently the most valuable professional development opportunity I have every year.  Thank you for inspiring me yet again!
            Rachel Barnes, Humanities Teacher, Chatham M.S., MA

I have been coming to Kathleen’s seminar for about nine years.  Each year I take away something new to share with colleagues to use with students.  It is my must professional development program of the year.
            Harriet Wallen, Librarian and K-12 Chair, Lexington H.S., MA

I look forward to this conference all year!  Thank you for all the time and research that goes into the day.
            Wendy Simpson, ELA Teacher, Mt. Blue M.S., Farmington, ME

This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended.  And I have been teaching for 35 years.
            Marsha Libby, Language Arts Teacher, St. Thomas Aquinas, Derry, NH

I love these seminars.  Gives me great ideas for my classes.
            Ruthann August, SPED/Reading Teacher, Longmeadow H.S., MA

Always a great seminar!  Thanks so much for doing all the work for us!  I’m looking forward to sharing these books with our students and faculty.
            Erin Twohig, Reference Librarian, Noble & Greenough School, Dedham, MA

It’s the one seminar I never miss!
            Christine Luongo, LA/SS Teacher, Epping M.S., NH

Wonderful, as usual.
            Kathleen Kutny, Librarian, Waterford-Halfmoon, Waterford, NY

This workshop never gets old!  I’ve been a “return customer” and continue to be inspired by Kathleen Odean’s sense of humor and her insight into YA literature.
            Patty Mulcahy, Special Ed Teacher, Tonawanda H.S., NY

It was a terrific day.  I learned so many new ways to promote literacy using new technologies.
            Gina Stokes, Library Media Specialist, St. Brigid’s School, Portland, ME

I use your resource handbook and your book talk comments as primary tools for book selection at my library.
            Frank Bridges, Librarian, Mt. View High School, Thorndike, ME

A fellow teacher had said how wonderful this seminar was and she was correct.
            Laura Tarleton, Reading Teacher, Meadows School, Brattleboro, VT

Great ideas, great lists of books, great presentation!
            Kathryn Dodge, District Librarian, Lisbon Schools, ME

Excellent presentation and very informative.
            Kara Ialuna, English Teacher, Northeast Metro Tech, Wakefield, MA

I look forward to this every year!
            S. Monagle, English Teacher, Millis M.S., MA

This seminar fans the flames of creativity and excitement for reading!
            Michelle Kane, English Teacher, Lynnfield M.S., MA

This is a great learning experience and definitely gave me lots of great ideas for my school library.
            Talya Solcoll, Pre-Professional Librarian, Winsor School, Boston, MA

Everything was excellent!  I appreciate the wide range of genres and age groups.
            Eileen Hurley, English Teacher, Blake M.S., Medfield, MA

Truly one of the best seminars I’ve attended! 
            Alea Thompson, English Teacher, Joseph T. Keefe Technical H.S., Framingham, MA

Great presentation filled with books I can’t wait to read and share with students and teachers.  Thank you!
            Mary-Frances Manno, Librarian, Draper M.S., Schenectady, NY

Excellent.  So many new ideas for my boys.  Thank you so much.
            Lynn McCarthy, ELA Teacher, NCCS H.S., Champlain, NY

What a wonderful day—perfect mix, perfect pairing—a pleasure all around.
            Maura McNulty, M.S. English Teacher, Albany Academies, NY

Great as always!
            Fred Tolman, Librarian/Teacher, LaSalle School, Albany, NY

Loved today!  Great to think, write, and talk about books!  I’m so excited to get back to school and share these titles with my colleagues and my students.
            Melissa Dunn, English Teacher, South Colonie H.S., Albany, NY

You made me excited about young adult/adolescent lit.  I’m usually one of those cranky English teachers who bemoans the marginalization of the classics.  I want to go home and read many of these books. Thanks!
            Andrea Levin, English Teacher, Keene H.S., NH

Loved it! Thank you!
            Allison Lane, English Teacher, Manchester Essex Regional MHS, MA

Kathleen is a talented presenter.  She is engaging and funny while showcasing a large variety of reading material.  This is my second year and I hope to return next year.
            Paula Amenta, 6-8 Reading Teacher, Thornton Central School, NH

As usual very well done and we come away with so much information and a lot of great titles!  Thank you.
            Sue Krause, Library Teacher, Manchester Essex Regional MHS, MA

Always fresh, fun, and informative.
            Pat Weisberg, LA Teacher, Epping M.S., NH

She’s a wonderful presenter!  My second time here.  I got some fantastic ideas and inspiration. Thank you.
            Annie Young, English Teacher, Pentucket M.S., W. Newbury, MA

            Joanne Maino, English Teacher, Manchester Essex Regional MHS, MA

Excellent.  Thank you for the information and the entertaining way it was presented.
            Peter Keeley, English Teacher, Gilbert H. Hood M.S., Derry, NH

I had a fantastic time.  It’s so exciting to hear about all of these fantastic new books.  I can’t wait to share with my students!
            Ashley Richardson, Reading Teacher, Gilford M.S., NH

What a fantastic day full of books!  A bibliophile’s sweetest dream.  I talk a lot about books with my students and now I can give the librarian a list and talk to my heart’s content!
            Casey Robinson, Reading Teacher, Kennett M.S., Conway, NH

Great ideas!  I’m always looking to find ways to connect my students to good books, and I left today with so many ideas that I’m excited to try!  Thank you!
            Katie Taylor, English/Reading Teacher, Rochester M.S., NH

Thank you for so many great ideas!  I can’t wait to read some of these novels and try some of the ideas in my reading and English classes.
            Lea Marshall, Teacher, Rochester M.S., NH

I am so excited to explore new books with my students.  Kathleen communicates clearly so I can get a reliable sense of books to pursue for my students and our curriculum.  I wish I had known about Kathleen and the gift of this presentation years ago.
            Irene Thomas, ELA Teacher, Pentucket M.S., West Newbury, MA

I always put in for your workshops the very first day of school.  I would not miss it—enjoyable and illuminating.
            Kathy Impagliazzo, LA Teacher & RTI, Our Lady of Mercy, East Greenwich, RI

Fabulous—so many books I now want to read asap.
            Janice Griffin, Librarian, Friends Academy, Dartmouth, MA

Fantastic! Engaging & enormously helpful.
            Marlaina Trepanier,  English Teacher, Friends Academy, Dartmouth, MA

Wonderful!  I feel recharged as a result of attending this workshop.  I left with a fierce desire to read every book I learned about from Kathleen, a lighthearted, dynamic speaker!
            Nell Scudder, LA/Literature Teacher, Learning Prep School, Newton, MA

I have some fabulous new ideas—thank you!
            Karen Bergeron, English Teacher/Department Head, Bellingham H.S., MA

Kathleen brings so many books to life in a way that browsing a catalog cannot do.  The book promotion ideas are invaluable.  Thank you for a great day.
            Anne Krive, Librarian, Moses Brown School, Providence, RI

Great seminar as always.
            Phyllis Peters, Reading Teacher, BOCES #1 Monroe, Rochester, NY

Year after year, I count on Kathleen to deliver and she has not disappointed to deliver and she has not disappointed me yet!!
            Lisa Salatel, Special Ed Teacher, Brockport H.S., NY

This is the third year I’ve attended this seminar and every time I leave with new ideas and books to inspire my students to read.
            Bridget Renfer, ELA Teacher, Eastridge H.S., NY

Kathleen has developed a seminar that lets you share, learn and think about the amazing breadth of YA literature.  Always a pleasure!
            Brian Smith, Librarian, Eastridge H.S., Rochester, NY

A fabulous day.
            Claire Talbot, Teen Services Coordinator, Greece Public Library, NY

I was so pleased to attend a workshop that was not just an old topic with a new name.  Kathleen was so friendly, knowledgeable and timely with her presentation.
            Peg Kamas, English Teacher, Holy Family M.S., Elmira, NY

It’s always refreshing and illuminating to come to Kathleen’s workshop.  I always return to work with a list of books to explore, suggestions for students and teachers, and a book full of great ideas—thanks!
            Debby Neely, English Teacher, Moses Brown School, Providence, RI

Excellent—I need to rush home to read!
            Lisa Lamothe, Librarian, Tantasqua Jr. High, Fiskdale, MA

Kathleen’s workshop provides so many innovative and creative strategies for assessments of young adult literature.
            Maureen Pacheco, ELA-Head Teacher, Diman Regional Voc. Tech, Fall River, MA

Thank you!  Love your presentation every year. 
            Susan DiGiacomo, Humanities Teacher, Chatham M.S., MA

It doesn’t matter how many times I attend this workshop, I always take away something new fresh to use in my classroom.
            Allison Fennessey, English Teacher, Auburn H.S., NY

Excellent presentation that I look forward to attending every year! 
            Patrick Mousaw, H.S. English Teacher, Marathon CSD, NY

Great information! Great day! Thanks!
            Jennifer Ryan Albicelli, English Teacher, Christian Brothers Academy, Syracuse, NY

Your seminar is the highlight of my school year!  You are always “spot on” in regards to what will be popular with young adults.
            Diane Hanlon, LMS, South Jefferson Central, Adams, NY

As always, Kathleen is beyond entertaining and informed.  She is a valuable asset to any teachers of literature.
            Jennifer Epolito, English Teacher, JCB H.S., Phoenix, NY

Great workshop—not only hearing about the books but the tips to promote them as well.
            Becky French, School Librarian, Harrisville Central School, NY

Wonderful.  Most useful seminar of the year.
            Damon Derbyshire, Teacher, Lafayette CSD, NY

From 2010:

I love coming to hear Kathleen’s presentations because I leave with wonderful classroom ideas in addition to book suggestions.
          Molly Flanagan, ELA Teacher, Cohoes MS, Cohoes, NY

Always enlightening, informative, and entertaining. 
          Pam Goodness, Librarian, William M. Davies Career & Tech HS, Lincoln, RI

I cannot wait to use what I have learned today to enhance my students’ learning.
         Jessica DiBuono, English Teacher, Stamford H.S., Stamford, CT

Pacing, sense of humor, insights, strategies.  Always useful.  The one conference I won’t miss.
          P. Weisberg, Teacher, Epping MS, Epping, NH

Fantastic!  Learned so much about new books out there for young adults as well as ways to use books in the classroom.  It’s great to hear someone who has read the books and understands the young adult mindset!
          Amanda Mello, Grade 8 ELA, O’Maley M.S., Gloucester, MA

I get so much out of this seminar.  I can’t wait to take my new knowledge back to my school and share it with colleagues and students.  Thank you!
          Mary Shannon, Engish teacher, Binghamton H.S., NY

What a wonderful wealth of information for my needs in a H.S. special education reading program!  Thank you for providing such a great resource for me and, in turn, my students.
          Nancy Leffler, Reading Specialist, Hamilton/Wenham Regional HS, Hamilton, MA

I so look forward to this conference every year.  Thanks so much.
         Pat Evans, Literacy Specialist, Saco M.S., Saco, ME

The presenter’s knowledge, humor, insight and experience made the entire day just fly by.
        Megan Fogarty, Title I Reading/SPED Teacher, Turners Falls, MA

I love your enthusiasm!
         Mary Beth Lemoine, Library Media Specialist, King and Low-Heywood Thomas, CT

I’ve been attending this seminar for three years now, and every time I have I am excited and re-energized.
          Bridget Renfer, ELA Teacher, Eastridge H.S., Rochester, NY

This workshop helps student learning because it directs me in my practice.  It gives me ideas.  It gives me ideas of strategies to share with the teachers and helps me share more books and ideas with teachers and students.
           Donna Good, Teacher/Librarian, Narragansett H.S., RI

This was my third time at Kathleen’s seminar.  I love it! You blink and the day has gone by!
             Lauren Corliss, Hollis-Brookline MS, Hollis, NH

Knowledgeable speaker.  Great ideas for classroom application.  Even computer-shy older teacher felt inspired by ideas.
           Kathleen Herold, English/Reading Teacher, Glens Falls H.S., NY

This seminar is de riguer for me.  I could not be this informed regarding YA books any other way.
             Phyllis Peters, Literacy Teacher, BOCES #1, Fairport, NY

What an absolute joy to participate in this valuable and inspiring workshop…Wow!  I can’t wait to attend next year.
             Reina R. O’Connor, 6th Grade Teacher, Advanced Math & Science Academy, Marlborough, MA

Fabulous! I learned so much: new books, new tools, new teaching ideas!
             Julie Lascher, 6th ELA Teacher, Coolidge M.S., Reading, MA

Great list of books and other resources that will enrich my curriculum.
Elizabeth Blanchard , 8th ELA Teacher, King and Low-Heywood Thomas, CT

This is truly a not-to-miss workshop.
             Alice Chen, Library Teacher, Cambridge Rindge & Latin, MA

Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm! It is always inspiring!
            Melanie Scalice, 7th English Teacher, R.J. Grey J.H., Acton, MA

Best workshop ever.  Great overview of many titles.  Great ideas for promoting books.  Loved it!!
             Susan Kashmanian-Smith, Teacher/Librarian, Putnam Voc/Tech H.S., Springfield, MA

This is a great tool for any teacher!
             Paula Chapin, English Teacher, Palmer H.S., Palmer, MA

I’ve come to perhaps six of Kathleen Odean’s seminars and have never been disappointed.  She helps me broaden my YA reading and supplements my reading lists to recommend books to my students.  Her ideas for promoting books and for fun assignments are wonderful.
         Mara McCarthy, Library Media Specialist, Granville Jr/Sr High, NY

Wonderful presentation – interesting – diverse – creative!
          Kathleen A. Morton, ELA Teacher, Cairo-Durham HS, Cairo NY

I always leave this seminar renewed and excited about new activities.
          Thelma Thompson, Media Specialist, Epping MS/HS, Epping, NH

As always, very worthwhile.  Thank you!  I can’t wait for next year.
          Christine Luongo, ELA/SS Teacher, Epping MS, Epping, NH

Another wonderful, informative and interesting presentation.
          Laura Denehy, Librarian, Merrimack MS, Merrimack, NH

A wonderful day and a great resource to use at school.
          Gail Severy, SPED Teacher, Merrimack MS, Merrimack, NH

Very informative, great content, very helpful.
          Jason Lambert, 7th Grade Teacher, Gorham MS, Gorham, ME

Out of the best workshops I’ve attended.  Informative, concise, useful, and current.  Thank you!
          Lisa Peavey, English Teacher, Long Creek Youth Development Center, South Portland, ME

Thank you so much.  This was great!  With schools looking for ways to keep kids reading, this workshop is essential!  I plan on returning next year, only with more of my colleagues next time!
         Jonathan Rourke, English Teacher, Spaulding HS, Rochester, NH

Excellent information.  Well-prepared presenter.  Lots of good ideas and book ideas to bring back to the classroom.
          Shauna Bryk, 6th Grade Teacher, Burnt Hills, NY 

As always, a wonderful and engaging presentation chock-full of great ideas and great books!
          Jackson Hyde, Middle and H.S. Librarian, Turin, NY 

This is my third time attending this seminar.  I look forward to coming next year.  I wish that others in my school could join me.
          Wendy Simpson, ELA Teacher, Mt. Blue MS, Farmington, ME

I found this even more informative and entertaining than last year.
          Sharon Crowe, Library Media Specialist, Tilton School, Utica, NY

A seminar I look forward to all year long.  I go back to my students (and colleagues) armed with the latest relevant literature that keep them coming back for more reading material!
          Cindy DeBottis, English Teacher, Vernon Verona Sherrill HS, Verona, NY

I can’t wait to share these ideas with my students and colleagues!
          Marcello Didio, English Teacher, East MS, Auburn, NY

I have been coming to this workshop for years, and it always offers something new and comforting – like a good book by the fire.
          Michelle Lewis, English Teacher, John C. Birdlebough HS, Phoenix, NY

As always, the presentation was informative, inspiring, creative, and funny!
          Jenn Epolito, English Teacher, John C. Birdlebough HS, Phoenix, NY

I am leaving with tons of titles and teaching ideas to use myself and share with my colleagues.
          Judy Weston, English 11 Teacher, Weedsport Jr/Sr High, NY

The day was fabulous.  I loved learning about new ways to promote books. 
          Anne Krive, MS Librarian, Moses Brown School, Providence, RI

Thank you for the many wonderful book ideas and ideas for sharing them.  Thank you, too, for the outstanding handbook; it’s packed with valuable and useful information that I will refer to often.
          Terry Ebbeling, 7/8 English, Whitinsville Christian School, Whitinsville, MA

I found the presentation engaging and insightful.  I feel motivated to share what I gained from today with others!
          Rachel Platten, English Teacher, Brockport HS, Brockport, NY

Very informative presentation.  I especially appreciate the opportunity to learn new ways to present literature and introduce new literature to students.
          Sarah Bandemer, Gr 8. Teacher, JFK M.S., Cheektowaga, NY

This is my second year attending this conference and I love the wealth of information you offer about new YA fiction.  The booklet also offers a great resource for me and my students after the conference.  Great web resources, too!
          Rebecca Kryger, English Teacher, Brockport HS, Brockport, NY

Very informative; not only did it encourage me to read,, but also to want to write!  Great presentation!
          Kelly Maresco, English Teacher, Cairo-Durham HS, Cairo, NY

What a great seminar!
          Alisa Scapatici, Chair of English, The Albany Academies, NY

Always a great presentation.
          Kathleen Kutny, Librarian, Waterford-Halfmoon, Waterford, NY

Outstanding – my third time to see Kathleen Odean.  She is an amazing presenter with a stead, calm voice, limitless knowledge, and a perfect summary of each book she chooses to share.
          Diane Gallagher, Gr. 7 English, Diamond MS, Lexington, MA

Very nice relaxed seminar.  You really know what teens are interested in!
         Erin Twohig, Reference Librarian, Noble and Greenough School, Dedham, MA

From 2009:

Kathleen Odean was sensational.  The seminar was packed full of information and excellent ideas to enhance and enrich classroom instruction.
            Angela Lucas, English Teacher, Brockport (NY) H.S.

I love this seminar! Every book that is suggested becomes a hit at my school.  This is a valuable seminar that every school librarian should attend!  You will not be disappointed!
            Diane Hanlon, Librarian, South Jefferson MS/HS, Adams, NY

What a wonderful, relaxing, informative day!
            Heather Baker, ELA Teacher, Portsmouth (NH) M.S.

Always a pleasure!  I look forward to it as one of my most enjoyable days of the school year—and I come away with a wealth of information and ideas.
            Cie A. McAloon, Library Media Specialist, Seekonk (MA) H.S.

Excellent presentation! I plan to share the many resources with my staff and other building professionals.
            Kathie Nannicelli, SPED Coordinator, Merrimack (NH) M.S.

The handbook is an incredible resources!
            Frank Lynham, 8th Grade Teacher, Westbrook (ME) M.S.

This is the best seminar I attend.  Kathleen is right on with titles teens love.  I wouldn’t miss it.
            Allison Coros, English Teacher/Grade 9, Oxford Hills H.S., South Paris, ME

Lot of great material! Always new ideas to encourage readers.  My fifth year attending Kathleen’s presentation and it’s still great!  I wouldn’t miss it!
            Brian Smith, Librarian, Eastridge H.S., Rochester, NY

Loved it! This is my 8th year and I can’t wait till next year.

            Shannon Rodger, 7th Grade ELA, Little Falls (NY) M.S.

Always a treat to be here!  Thank you!! I can’t wait to share your many recommendations with my students and to read more myself.
            Michaela Andrews, English Teacher, Lincoln School, Providence, RI

This is consistently the best conference I attend every year!
         Rachel Barnes, Humanities Teacher, Chatham (MA) M.S.

Excellent, practical suggestions!
         Jessica Trombley, 6-8 Grade Teacher, Notre Dame, Saco, ME

This conference is the highlight of my year. I always come away with terrific ideas.  Thank you for an enjoyable day.
         Allison Fennessy, English Teacher, Auburn (NY) H.S.

What a great way to spend a day—hearing about wonderful books to introduce to our students!  I have so much to read. Thank you.
        Steve Simonton, 8th Grade Teacher, Harrison M.S., Yarmouth, ME

 Always an inspiration—thanks for your wit and love of a well-told story.
        Anne Spraker, Librarian, Masconomet H.S., Topsfield, MA

Kathleen has a wonderful sense of humor and presents the material in a way that is useful for me in the classroom.  She gives educators a chance to discuss ideas together and welcomes the exchange in a way that makes you feel good about your profession.
         Gordon B. Erwin, 7/8 English Teacher, Onondaga Hill M.S., Syracuse, NY

This was my first time here—love the conference!
         Emily Rounding, Library Media Specialist, Greece Athena H.S., Rochester, NY 

It is amazing how Kathleen comes up with invaluable information year after year.  This is a conference I attend yearly to help our English department and our school library.
         Nancy d’Hemecourt, H.S. SPED LA/Lit, Learning Prep School, W. Newton, MA

In the sea of books available to my students, Kathleen helps me find a way to a pleasant shore for them.
         Robert F. Smith, English Department Chair, Frontier Regional School, South Deerfield, MA

My fifth year at this conference with Kathleen Odean, and I’m still mesmerized.  I look forward to this conference every year!!
         Nicole Firestine, English Teacher, Greece Athena H.S., Rochester, NY

This is the first seminar that delivered what it promises and more.  Ms. Odean goes above and beyond the expected.
         Dianne Carr, English Teacher, NAFI Alternative, Providence, RI

I enjoyed the practical nature of this workshop.
         Erika Insalaco, 8th English Teacher, Victor (NY) Junior High

I could listen to you speak all day—oh wait—I did listen to you speak all day.  You were very interesting to listen to.  I enjoyed the activities you dispersed throughout.
         Joyce Stevens, 7th Grade Teacher, Bonny Eagle MS, W. Buxton, ME 

The book is as good as gold.  Thank you!
         Abby Walsh, School Librarian, Willow Hill School, Sudbury, MA

I loved the handbook that we received at the conference. It is an amazing resource. 
         Maria Shea, Special Ed Teacher, Brockport (NY) H.S.

I attend this conference each year for new ideas and exposure to what’s new.  I am never disappointed.
         Pat Evans, Literacy Specialist, Saco (ME) M.S.

Excellent suggestions for hands-on activities incorporating books that I’ll definitely use in my classroom!  Kathleen was engaging, extremely well-informed, and amusing.  A fantastic, well-spent day.  Thanks!
         Alyssa Theriault, H.S. English Teacher, Essex Agricultural & Technical, Hathorne, MA

A wealth of resources and ways to use the recommended books as well as the regular doses of humor made for an exciting day.
         Amy Roy, Library Media Specialist, Lincoln Akerman School, Hampton Falls, NH