My Books

My guides are no longer in print. Many libraries still have them but be aware that they haven't been updated in more than 15 years. 

Great Books for Girls: More than 600 Recommended Books for Girls Ages 3-14  This guide provides an invaluable list of more than six hundred titles—picture books, novels, mysteries, biographies, folktales, sports books, and more—that will encourage, challenge, and ultimately nurture in girls the strong qualities our culture so often suppresses.  

Great Books for Boys: More than 600 Books for Boys Ages 2-14  Here are hundreds of books that will make boys want to read and keep them reading! Odean has compiled and annotated a terrific collection of more than six hundred books—picture books, novels, mysteries, biographies, sports books, and more—that will fascinate and educate boys.  

Great Books about Things Kids Love: More than 750 Recommended Books for Ages 3-14  Here are more 750 books that will turn children into life-long readers!
Most children want to read a book because it's about something they love or are curious about—dinosaurs, magic tricks, ballerinas, sports, secret codes, and a host of other topics. This unique guide makes it easy for parents and teachers to satisfy a child's individual interests for good reading on any subject. 

Great Books for Babies and Toddlers: More than 500 Books for Your Child's First Three Years  This is the first book of its kind—a guide to the best age appropriate children’s books available. This useful guide provides lively annotations for more than five hundred books, divided into two helpful categories: Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplays, and Songs; and Picture-Story Books for the Very Young.