Great Books about Things Kids Love: More than 750 Recommended Books for Ages 3-14

Here are more 750 books that will turn children into life-long readers!

Most children want to read a book because it's about something they love or are curious about—dinosaurs, magic tricks, ballerinas, sports, secret codes, and a host of other topics. This unique guide makes it easy for parents and teachers to satisfy a child's individual interests for good reading on any subject. 

The hundreds of kid-tested books are divided into 55 categories, from Airplanes to Zoos, including knights and castles, soccer and skating, music and making things, snakes and sharks, and many more high interest topics. Besides useful descriptions of every book, this guide offers stimulating book-related activities and helpful tips for parents to incorporate books into everyday life.

Whether the format is picture book, poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, here are wonderful selections like Why Does the Cat Do That? and Exploring the Titanic; tried and true characters, from the beloved aardvarks Arthur and D.W. to the hilarious Junie B. Jones and the courageous Harry Potter; and new heroes and heroines to cheer for such as Katherine Paterson's Princess Miranda from The Wide-Awake Princess and the exciting Jack Black from Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves by Carol Hughes.

Great Books About Things Kids Love
creates a book-rich environment in which the habit of reading can take hold and flourish for a lifetime.

Praise for Great Books About Things Kids Love

“This is a wonderful book to give to parents who want to extend their child's reading beyond the school day as the information about guiding a child's reading is written with them in mind.”
- School Library Journal

A child's interest in a particular subject can be a great motivation for reading, and Great Books makes it easy to find age-appropriate titles on subjects from magic to black history to explorers... In view of Great Books's useful format, lively style, and affordable price, libraries will want reference and circulating copies.
- Library Journal

“An excellent book of recommendations... her choices are superb.”
- Sacramento Bee

“One of the best ways to entice any reader is to focus on subjects that interest the individual. [This] is an invaluable resource for both fiction and nonfiction.”
- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“Kathleen Odean’s compilation... is an excellent resource for home and school libraries.”
- Denver Post

“A strong parent’s resource that also belongs on the professional shelf.”
- Booklist